What is the Thirst Lounge?

What is the Thirst Lounge?

You would think that would be an easy question for me to answer considering that I'm apart of the Thirst Lounge, but it's not. On the surface, the Thirst Lounge is a twitch channel where we stream poker content as well as being a YouTube page where we film some wacky YouTube videos and talk about poker.

The Beginning

In its inception the Thirst Lounge was meant to be a variety lifestyle channel with poker being the common uniting adhesive between all of the members. The idea was to cast 10 interesting characters in the poker world who would be able to bring different lifestyle perspectives to the channel. I was the weirdo who lived in his car. Jon and Adam were reality TV show winners. Ebony, Cat, and Kelly had the perspective of being women in the male dominated field of poker, and they were big personalities in their own right. Drew, Priestly, and Voislav were all looking to level up their poker game and had interesting backstories. And Fattrain was the commentator of the group. And, while, poker was the connecting theme for the 10 of us, it was merely one thing that connected us. Lifestyle was still the goal of the channel. The plan was to take the yacht around the Virgin Islands and do some IRL or poker streaming, but the internet never cooperated. That happens a lot in life. You have these grandiose visions that can be cut down by things you can't foresee. The devil is in the details, as they say, and the devil for the Thirst Lounge has always been internet speeds.

Transitioning into Poker Full-Time

So with IRL streaming turning out to not be a thing for us the channel quickly transitioned from lifestyle to poker. It made sense. Trying to be a lifestyle channel without being able to stream IRL was going to be quite the challenge. So we turned to the thing that was most comfortable to all of us. Poker. Not only was it comfortable to all of us, but we got a Raise Your Edge Masterclass Course and a Mindset Masterclass course by Elliot Roe in addition to a 20k stake. Everything pointed in the direction of poker and so that's where we went with our Twitch channel. We did try out a few other streams like game night. I think I spent one stream learning how to play the guitar. But, ultimately, nothing really stuck like poker. Our Youtube page, though, did manage to incorporate a bit of the lifestyle element that we were going for initially. And, in terms of numbers, our YouTube channel has consistently grown and improved in numbers, but our twitch channel has gone down in total viewership from when we started. It's tough when so much of your identity is wrapped up in poker streaming, and you put so much time into it only to see the viewership go down instead of up. That's one of the reasons I don't define the Thirst Lounge by twitch, or youtube, or viewership anymore. (Note: Im posting this the day after Jon Pardy had an epic tourney run in The Venom where he had 3k viewers all night. So the Twitch viewership is certainly headed in a good direction.)

So… What is the Thirst Lounge?

Well, I can't speak on behalf of all of the other members of the TL or Bill Perkins, but for me the Thirst Lounge is a place for people to grow and improve. I think the concept of a bunch of people living in a house together all pushing each other to succeed and grow is the best version of the Thirst Lounge. I believe that at the end of the year the thing that our audience will appreciate and cherish most is seeing how much each of us has grown. So for the rest of the year I'm going to do what I can to make sure everyone in the house is improving. If someone wants to lift weights in the backyard I will be there to assist them or cheer them on. If someone wants to study I'll be there to encourage them and help them out with strategic concepts. And, in turn, I want people to do the same for me! If someone notices an exploit in the tourney population I want them to share it. If I'm not in a great mood I want the people I'm surrounded with to be able to bring me up. I think we have such an incredible opportunity here in the Thirst Lounge to be surrounded by like-minded, motivated, positive, and helpful people that we can all grow more in these next 7 months together than we could in 7 years individually. So that's what the Thirst Lounge is to me. It's an opportunity to grow. I can't wait for you to see the improvement of all 10 hosts over the course of the year because I truly believe that we have the potential to something incredible.

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