• Priestley Leng

Transitioning from Live Cash to Online Tournaments

Throughout my poker career I’ve mainly played live cash games and thought that my tournament game play wasn't that bad. I’ve won a couple of sit and gos with friends and a local bar tournament near my hometown in the past, so I didn’t think I was that bad. When I started to play more and more tournaments while in the Virgin Islands on Thirst Lounge, I was met with resistance and wasn’t finding many “in the money” sessions. I was trying to play tournaments with a cash game mindset and that was just completely the wrong approach. Luckily for me, there were many tournament regulars on the team that helped guide me in the right direction. Also, shortly after the project started, we were given access to a Tournament Master Course that brought me right up to speed with the tournament strategy I was lacking.

One of the things I was doing was not paying attention to stack sizes. That includes my own stack and others at the table. Having an understanding of how the hands you play change depending on how many chips you have is huge in the game. I won’t get too much into depth because, this is not a blog on tournament strategy rather, it is a blog about how I've been adapting between the game types.

It’s been a bit of a transition from playing exclusively live cash game poker to exclusively online tournament poker. I feel like my edge in the game comes from playing against the player themselves, and I lose that edge of the game when I'm playing against a digital avatar. I look at this as an opportunity to work on my technical knowledge of poker and when I return to the live scene, I’ll be ready to crush again in cash as well as tournaments. Over the last 6 months my game has improved tenfold and with my recent run in tournament cashes I believe its going to be a very profitable 2nd half of 2019.

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