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Rap Battles were a part of this journey...

So this music game completely captivated me... I literally loved it. There wasn't a day go by between the age of 16-20 that I wouldn't write some sort of lyric or have some sort of idea for a song. It was my passion and I had grown to be pretty good at it!

Back in 2008 I was approached by a company called JUMP OFF. Little did I know, I would be involved with these guys for the rest of my musical journey and It was absolutely fucking incredible! I owe these guys a lot... Not so much for where it got me, but more so for the memories made and the emotions I experienced.

JUMP OFF had by far the biggest RAP/HIP HOP movement online back then. I remember I would get home from school, rush upstairs and try and load up the latest rap battle they had uploaded. I was fully locked in to the content they were providing and it was amazing to be approached and asked to battle! Sorry...Let me explain, JUMP OFF was mainly known for Rap Battle content. Just think 8mile... JUMP OFF were that big, that they are the reason most Rap battle leagues are around these days (Some battles have over 1.7million views...).

I had many many battles over the years which involved me getting in to some incredible situations such as performing in front of 3,000 people at one of the UK's biggest festivals, getting featured on MTV Base, getting numerous big radio station interviews & several newspaper features. One of which made mainstream news back in 2013 when I free styled a rap bar about 1 of the rap battle judges previous girlfriends sex tape & her involvement in a big drug story in the UK (She was also a judge on Factor). If you want to read 1 of the articles it is below:


These rap battle nights were insanely intimidating and you can EASILY get ripped apart by the crowd. There had been instances where I was booed off stage, had objects thrown at me, chased out of a venue by 15 or more youths threatening to kill me!! However on the flipside... The highs are INSANE. The adrenaline you get from dropping a bar and getting a HUGE reaction was addictive. I won't ever forget that feeling...

I am extremely proud of what I have experienced through music and also what I have accomplished. I just wish I utilized it fully... I have more stories from rap battle nights and other random stuff from my music days... I wish I had time to tell them all.

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