Partying at Ship U.

Ok, so we last left off with me finally becoming a single man in the college scene. At this point I had a similar feeling in me to when I left my parents home... a sense of FREEDOM to do whatever I wanted. I started to party a bunch more and honestly a goal of mine became to meet new people and experience new things (mostly focused on women, but no intentions of dating ha). I was mostly curious... not sure what to expect, but ready to try some new things out.

Now being an introvert this task of mingling with people and going out to meet new people wasn't an easy one. The liquid confidence from drinking 100% helped me tho. The routine became go to classes (the ones I knew I had to), then go pre-game with my boys, party wherever we could, and see how the night would end up. The majority of the time I never approached new people when out, but just met them thru friends. I'd basically just do me and people naturally seemed to get attracted to something about me (usually my joking, funny humor - primarily when drinking I'd guess). At some point being part of the partying scene becomes a social status. I'm sure for some it was different, but for me this is what it was. I ended up having a lot of fun, meeting plenty of girls, and I was just enjoying the ride.

STORYTIME: I remember this one night I had finished my classes for the day and my buddies were having a little get together at their house for pre-gaming and then we were going out to the bars to sweep the ladies off their feet (haha riiiiiight). My boys lived just down this alley from my house so it was an easy walk for me. I headed down and we started smoking and drinking, which was our typical routine.

I had discovered (or manufactured in my mind ha) that if I drank 3 beers but smoked some weed, that would equal 6 beers for me (X beers + smoking = X beers x 2). Essentially save money by getting messed up quicker with less drinks, and not getting in my own head so I could freely talk to whoever.

It then got to that point in the night where my boys were like "Ok, we are going to the bars now, let's go". I had just opened a beer and wasn't dressed to go out so I had to run home quick and change. As I was walking down the alley to my house (literally less than 100 yards away), some dudes in the alley were like "Hey guys...", I don't know what they said exactly I was fairly lit and just in happy-go-lucky-guy mode so we went over and said "Hey guys what's up". Turns out these guys were undercover cops. We had open beers in our hands. We were f*cked. It didn't take long and I had my underage charges and lost my drivers license for a month.

Big problem now... my job in college and back home was delivering Chinese food. I just lost my license, we were coming up on Christmas break in school, and there was no way my Mom and I were telling me Dad about this. So yeah... I did the most logical (stupid) thing you could do... I kept driving without my license thru Christmas break, partly because I needed to for my job, but mostly to keep this secret from my Dad (he doesn't know about this to this day). If you want to know why we kept this from my dad, go back to my 1st blog here and read up about my alcoholic Dad and it'll make more sense why I did what I did.

In the next piece I'll tell you how this period without my license went. I got another story that happened during this time too...

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