My early college days & a story only a few have heard.

Alright where were we… Ok yeah, so I got accepted to Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania and spent 4.5 years there getting my business management degree. I spent most of my time at college making up for "lost time" when I couldn't do anything as a kid. That means a lot of partying, trying to get with girls, skipping class, and just doing what I wanted to do. I would pass a semester, fail one, and then knew I'd have to pass the next

semester or I'd be dropped from school. My motivations weren't right, but I learned a ton about real life... the hard way, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Looking back now that's honestly where I think learned the most in college... learning social aspects and being independent and “free” for the 1st time. I for sure though did learn some structure from classes and teachers, but it wasn't what it could have been... or was it? I don't know I guess.

My sophomore year I discovered poker when my buddies were watching the WSOP on TV. They decided to start having poker nights and at 1st... I thought it was the dumbest thing ever haha. Out of boredom I would try playing it with them one night, and you would think this is the "and the rest is history" but it isn't. I still thought it was stupid and didn't play much with them when they were into it that year. I mean, they never raised blinds and we were playing w/ bottle caps the 1st couple of times, and the tourney would NEVER END lol. It wasn't until the next year as a junior when I started talking to one of my basketball buddies, who I respected, and he mentioned poker and told me about Doyle Brunson’s book "super system". I was like, ok, I'll read this and see. I ended up being VERY interested in this game now. That's really when I learned that poker had an edge and we could be competitive with this and make money. OH BABY! It was shortly after me reading this more that me and my buddies would start playing 1-2 nights a week a $10 sit n go tournament w/ about 9-11 of us. Gosh these were the days... so much fun with the boys. Nostalgic doesn't describe these memories well enough for me.

Poker didn’t take over until many years later, so we'll get back to my early college years. My main focuses were still to party and get by to keep my parents happy. I actually had a girlfriend a bit of my college career, so I didn’t really get caught up with the ladies ‘til my last couple of years. I went into college and I think lasted a year or so with my high school girlfriend. She ended up going to another college about 3.5 hrs away, we tried to make it work… I had a car and would drive up to see her almost every weekend. I actually remember a story now that I'm thinking about this:

🠊 One weekend she wanted me to get her and bring her back to my college so she could see where I go to school and everything. The trip in total would take a minimum of 7 hrs, and that was after classes were done on Friday. I was beat, but the things we do for love eh? So I was driving back from her college to mine and it was around 2 a.m. and this was times before everyone had cell phones, so I just had printed out MapQuest directions & no minutes on my trak phone (haha)… AND GUESS WHAT, we hit a DETOUR and all of a sudden were on some back roads in the middle of cow country, with someone who is TERRIBLE with directions (me). I was starting to fall asleep, and I was sticking my head out of the window to have the breeze keep me awake. It wasn’t good, but I knew I had to keep pushing… even though I was worried about not really knowing where to go, no idea where gas stations were, and no one in sight to help... I knew I just had to keep driving south. I remember noticing my girlfriend was sleeping in the passenger seat to my right, I remember thinking about “how am I going to find the way back”, I remember thinking “what if I run out of gas” … then, my eyes were closed. I fell asleep, but don’t know if it was for a second or what… it felt like a second. I was only woken up because I heard a strong deep & vividly clear voice whisper in my left ear, “JOHN”. It startled me enough to open my eyes, look straight in front of me, and then I took notice to the fact I was driving right straight for the biggest tree I’ve ever seen. I SCREAMED, woke up my girlfriend, who then was screaming too… I instinctively grabbed the wheel and jerked it to the left to stay w/ the road… the rear end kicked to the right like in a movie, I had swerved into a ditch a little but managed to be on the road still. We took a second and looked at each other as we sat in the middle of this dark country road, gathered ourselves (somehow), and I was wide awake from this point driving home. It’s really weird because her and I never talked about this afterwards and I forgot about it for many years after. Like who or what was that voice? I don’t know about you, but for me from this point, I definitely knew that this world had more to offer than what meets the eye. I think we’ll re visit this at a later point in my story telling.

Shortly after this my high school girlfriend and I would break up. I guess I then thought it was a good idea to start another long-distance relationship which would take up the next couple of years of college. I’d get to spend my last 1.5 years or so of college being a single man (for the most part) and boy was there some times! I’m going to have a think and in the next post tell you about my underage, partying, and some of how I got by in classes…

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