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Driving through the desert...

A few years ago 2 friends of mine and myself decided that a great idea would be to take my grandmothers 1991 Toyota Camry station wagon and drive it around Australia. It had almost reached 300,000kms (186,000 miles) on the odometer and we were way out of our league on this one, but we all threw caution to the wind and said "fuck it, whats the worst that could happen?" We drove around the entire country in a little under 3 months and clocking 18,000kms (11,000 miles) along the way with crazy stories to tell but there is one story that I could never grasp or understand.

About two months into the journey and over half way around Australia in the middle of the desert some where driving to more desert to see if we could find desert just next to desert after leaving desert something terrible happened. I fell asleep while driving.....for almost TWO HOURS!!!! Like, what the actual fuck? Driving nowhere can get really fucking exhausting and we had been driving all night but just two hours out from the nearest town I fell asleep. I was so set on making the town before sleeping I wasn't even in control of my actions. I remember waking up once when a giant truck was right in front of me, I saw the truck, moved us back to our lane and fall asleep again, INSTANTLY! The second time I woke up and we were in the ditch on the side, again I gentle took us back to our lane and fell asleep instantly. My mate was sleeping the whole time non the wiser. The third time I woke up we were 5 minutes out from the town, my mate woke up from the passenger seat and the first thing he said to me was "you fall asleep while driving, didn't you?" I told him "No point worrying about it now, we're here."

Apart from being simply the dumbest thing I've ever done there was also a weird dream that I had about a month earlier. It was such a clear dream, I was sitting in the drivers seat of the car being visited by my deceased grandmother who went on to tell me that she will be protecting us along the journey and make sure we stay safe. I also remember asking her if this was a dream and she said yes, to which i replied, "so I can fly, right?" She said of course and I jumped out of the car and began flying all around.

I really do believe that on that day she was driving the car for us and only waking me up when she needed my attention on the road. I don't even remember falling asleep but I do remember being two hours away and then waking up at our destination. I own my life to my beautiful grandmother and she will forever be in my heart. I love you Olga Kotevska.

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