Appreciating Life and Loved Ones

The topic of my blogs are quite eclectic. My first blog was about the Thirst Lounge. The second about poker. But, today, I'm going to be talking about appreciating the people that you love. Despite the topic of loving everyone around you sounding quite cheery, I will be talking about some unsettling news in my life recently. So if unsettling news isn't something you want to read about today, I totally understand. I will be back with a more cheery blog next time if you want to tune in then. If you want to know what has led me to appreciate my loved ones and life even more than just a week ago, then stick around.

Today, the Thirst Lounge house was hit with some unsettling news. Our maid was killed last night. I don't want to go into too much detail for the privacy of her family, but it has hit the house hard. Certainly, it has hit me hard. I’m the only Thirst Lounge host who has been here at the house the entire 6 months of the project. The only other consistent variable for those 6 months was our cleaning lady. She would come in every week, and bring a positive vibe that always uplifted the house. Every week she came in I would get to know her a little bit more. She had a son who she was so proud of who just went to college. She just recently went on vacation with her daughter. Only 3 days ago I was saying “good morning” to her. And, while it’s a shitty day for me to lose someone who was a consistent source of light in my week, it’s a life-altering day for her kids and the people closest to her. I’ve never really lost someone really close to me, at least not unexpectedly. For her kids, their lives are forever changed, and I think about how if I lost one of my parents unexpectedly how my life would be forever changed.

Which leads me to the conclusion to appreciate the people I love because I'm not guaranteed more time with them. Appreciating your loved ones is a concept we all know, of course, but it can be easy to put it on the back-burner, at least for me. I get so wrapped up working, playing poker, and doing my typical day-to-day that I forget to reach out to the people I love and let them know that I love them. Sometimes it takes a significant moment to shake you out of your day-to-day. As soon as I heard the news of her death I texted my parents and let them know that I loved them and wished them a great day. But what I would encourage for you all, and for me, is to not wait until a tragic moment happens in your life to shake you out of living life on autopilot. And, maybe, some of you reading this already appreciate every second you have with people, but it's not something I always do. I don't want to wait until the next tragedy happens to appreciate the people around me. I'm going to do it immediately.

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