An Aussie Abroad

“Are you from Australia?”, This is a pretty common phrase that I’ve heard across the last 6 months. I don’t think its because of my accent, I actually attribute it to the strange sayings and slang that we have in Australia.

Every time I hear this it certainly gives me a sense of pride and make me a little home sick (just a little, I’m not going anywhere guys)

So in light of that, I decided in todays blog I would dive in to what make Australia so unique to me as well as some of the unusual phrases I tend to say.

When most people think of the land down under the first thing that pops in to their head is the baron outback, Steve Irwin or perhaps Crocodile Dundee.

This may come as a surprise to most people however Australia does in fact have ACTUAL cities and infrastructure - It’s not just a bunch of people living in the outback with kangaroos in their back yards. Mind blowing stuff I know!

Melbourne and Sydney are the two largest cities and they are some of the most incredible places on earth. If you’ve every been to central London, this will give you a feel as to what Melbourne is like. You are much more likely to see a latte sipping Hipster than a kangaroo in Melbourne. This is also home to The Aussie Millions (Australia’s largest poker series). All too often have I heard pro poker players tell tales about how much they enjoyed their time in Australia and how they can’t wait to go back.

This is an appropriate amount of Vegemite

So whats the deal with Vegemite?

It looks like Nutella but certainly does not taste like it. Rather than being choclately and sweet it has a rich salty/bitter taste. Most foreigners try it and are instantly repulsed by the taste. Frankly I can’t blame you however if you are yet to try it I have two pieces of advice for you.

1. Try it on toast that has LOTS of butter

2. Don’t use too much

A tiny amount with a stack of butter makes for a delicious snack and frankly anyone who says other wise is just wrong. With that being said, if someone try to make you eat an entire spoonful - RUN FOR THE HILLS!

the greatest sport on earth

Whats that weird football game you play down there?

AFL aka Aussie Rules is the biggest sport in Australia and one of my biggest passions!

Most people watch this game and ask two follow up questions

1. Are they insane?

2. What the F#ck is happening?

AFL to an outsider is a hybrid of many sports containing a mix of strength, skill, athleticism and the unexpected. Rather than having me try to explain it I’d love to show you a fantastic video I saw the other day that really captures the essence and feeling of the game. Seriously watch this clip, it’s worth it!

the true peak of degeneracy


Anzac Day is the annual day Australians commemorate all those who served or are currently serving in War. It can be a very emotional day, yet in true Australian Spirit it ends with every body meeting at their local pub. The thing is, Australians LOVE to drink! So it’s only fitting a day like this ends at the pub. The thing that makes the day truly unique is the game everyone plays - TWO UP! Banned 364 days of the year, this is the one time Australians are allowed to play Two Up.

It’s essentially a glorified game of heads and tails played simultaneously by big groups of people. While this sounds mundane it couldn’t be further from it. Hundreds of people gather round drinking, chanting and betting on the result of a heads or tails flip.

There is no better feeling than high giving the random stranger next to you because the coin landed on heads. It’s absurd, loud and one of the greatest Australian traditions.

Check out this video of a guys day playing Two Up - it’s a really authentic look at how Anzac Day goes.

So that just about wraps it up for this week, but before I go I’ll share with you some common Australians slang word or phrases and what they mean.


Slot Machine


BBQ or Grill

Bottle- O

Liquor Store

The C Word

Close Friend

The C Word

Mortal Enemy


Red Neck/ Uncultured Person


Pickup Truck



Day Dot

The first day

So there you have it - a very brief look in to the greatest country on earth! If you ever get the chance to go, I promise you won’t regret it.

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