• Jon Pardy

3 Days Vegan.....

Well It’s been 3 days since I started the prop bet with Bill Perkins to go Vegan for $12,000 American dollars..... Which if you know ANYTHING about currency you would know that’s at least 1.2 milly Canadian…. But anyway the bet is going to last 6 months from Aug 19th-Feb 19th and 3 days in I’m feeling kind of…… tired, annoyed, irritated, and hungry : )

I thought this bet was going to be a joke… and I mean in the long run it still will be, and there is no way I won’t do this for 12k, BUT I grossly underestimated my eating limitations. Especially on this island. I do however move back to Vancouver Nov 1, and from there on out it will be a breeze. I mean Vancouver is the most hipster city in Canada, literally majority are vegan ( I made that stat up but seriously a lot are). So I know its gonna be a breeze. The Island is different. There ain’t shit to eat here that does not have meat or dairy…. It’s insane. Veggies, beans, hummus, pasta and fruits are my go too’s so far. But I find I’m just ultimately not eating. I’ve lost 6 lbs in 3 days and my energy levels are lower than normal. Im 100% hangry 99% of the time and could easily have slept the day away today haha. I am assuming this will go away soon tho?

I think I have to start cooking more, and that’s what I’m gonna do. There is no way I will last, eating the small amount of food I have the past 3 days. Id literally perish…. If I keep losing 2lbs a day id perish before the 6 months was up. I am going to set a day each week for meal prep and try to make as big of a variety of food that I can. I hate cooking, and suck at it. So any recipes (for dummies) would be greatly appreciated in the comments! I need to research recipes as well and maybe head back to the grocery store for a closer look at what else is out there.

Tonight I did cook tho. And I cooked buffalo Cauliflower bites. And tbh they were fucking bomb. I love chicken wings, and someone had told me on twitter that this was the next best thing. And boy were they right…. I realized that its maybe not the chicken I like so much tho, but the sauce. Which means I can just put that shit on everything (that was a franks red hot sauce joke… cause I used franks…… actually you wouldn’t know that cause I haven’t told you what I used yet….. k disregard the joke)

SO HERE IS HOW I MADE THEM…… as I’m writing this I’m thinking of a way to tell you how I made it… Cause I ultimately just threw a bunch of shit together to make a sauce and dipped cauliflower in it haha. BUT here is my attempt:


-Almond Milk

-Cayenne spice



-Cajun powder

-Vegan Cesar dressing

Stir all this together till its like a sauce, and there are no lumps of flour. Soak the cauliflower with the sauce, and then put on a non stick pan, throw in the over for 20 min on 375. After the 20 min, take them out, dose a little more franks on them, some more Vegan Cesar dressing, and back in the oven they go for another 20.

DONE! There ya go, bomb ass cauliflower bites. I assume these are healthy?? Definitely healthier than chicken wings ( I think). ANYWAY we are gonna smash this bet, and ill keep y’all updated on what other good shit I come up with.


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