• Payday

"WTF, I made £100, off a mixtape I recorded using a £1 microphone!"

So my previous blog spoke about how I first got in to music...

Today I am going to talk about a very key moment in my music career and speak about when I realized that possibly there is a future for me within this industry!

That first song I wrote...It was picking up heat around school. Literally everybody I spoke to mentioned to me they had heard it in someway or another. It was crazy, It was like one day I was just an average kid who was known to be the one that would shoot some hoops at lunchtime, to now being known as 'that rapper' in the school.

There was no other rappers in my school, the school and area that I moved to just wasn't in to that style of music. However I wanted to give this a go. I remember thinking to myself "This attention is pretty cool, i'm now different to literally everybody here". It was a huge attraction for me and the fact people actually thought I was 'okay' at this enticed me to do some more.

I got in to a routine of literally rushing back from school and finding old 2Pac/Biggie/JDilla beats to write to. I was writing about random shit, literally anything... I was venting, I was talking nonsense. I was just having fun with it! I had my £1 microphone and I had my free recording software. I wrote and recorded a mixtape within 2days and made 100 copies (Individually burning each disc with Nero) to try and sell at school... I didn't know what to expect and within 1 day of taking the CDs in to school... I sold 20 at £5 each! I literally made £100 from something that I was just starting out with! It was so so crazy...

Word spread around the school that I was now this rapper and there was a bit of a buzz behind it. I'd go to parties and people would want to hear me, the main conversation people would have with me would always end up based around me rapping.

I was so buzzed and I literally had NO idea what this journey had in store for me...

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